WARNING This is not about staying young forever, they are two very different things and should NOT be confused. Stopping ageing requires no medication, no plastic surgery and no consultation with a specialist. The problem is that we are constantly being sold a message of good health but at such a superficial level that unless you have more more »

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So they expect you to change

Funny how this world is working out, you see we are born to change from the moment we are conceived. We spend our whole lives moving from one biological change to another until we die. But we are not in charge of that biological change, we can effect it at a physical level (how we choose to live our lives) more »

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Generation… Nonsense

Yesterday I was talking to a start up business group about sales when a comment ushered forth from one of the group that struck me as amazing. Generation Y don’t buy from people, they buy on line. Now I admit I am a bit grey around the ears and I do forget a lot of more »

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Personal Branding for Dummies…. and you.

I awoke at 4.30 in the morning, the thought stuck and wouldn’t dislodge, was the penis sheath mans first attempt at personal branding…. If not it bloody well should have been, this is personal branding at its finest and since then… well its mostly been down hill. Personal Branding is neither new, unique or particularly difficult, the more »

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9 Networking Tips for the Socially Challenged

“Sales tips are only useful when your are actually talking to someone”. This was one of the responses I got back from my last post, obvious and to the point but also undeniably true. So lets get back to the beginning and talk about where all communication begins. It all starts with a conversation. Normally we stick more »

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The Nine Secrets Salespeople Don’t Want You To Know

If this got your attention then continue. I guarantee that after reading this your sales success will go up at least 300% and I am so confident that I will give you your money back if they don’t. To prove I mean what I say, I will throw in a free months trial. But wait there’s more »

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