This week I turned 61

And it has brought the usual rush of thoughts to the brain that every birthday brings, bugger I am another year older, where did the last year go, how many do I have left, time is flying, etc. Only this time it is different and the gift of  having a life threatening experience has sharpened my focus.

So here is the $61k question, do you slow down as you get older or do you launch yourself forward with greater intensity to fulfil the unfinished dreams. The logic is to slow down and enjoy each day with as much passion and joy as you can, after all there are only a finite number allotted to you and no one wished they had worked more when their time comes. And indeed that time to create and refine artistic skills is so appealing, as is just getting out of bed when it feels right each day.

Then there is joy to be had in our daily rituals, like making a fresh coffee in the morning, enjoying the sun on your face while you read, and time for contemplation on what is important in your life.

And that is the bugger

because when I do contemplate then I realise that I have dozens of unfinished projects, I have books I have started writing and never finished, music I still haven’t recorded and the biggest bugger of them all…..I have never really had a successful business.

Oh I have been successful on lots of occasions throughout my life, and have been involved in more interesting ventures than most people could dream of, but I will not be remembered for them and they will not have any real value after I am gone.

So the question remains am I up for the big one, the one that has some real value and a legacy that lingers. Not necessarily something that leaves the world a better place for my being here, but an idea that can be built upon by others.  You know something that makes you THINK.

And it is this question I am wrestling with as I write this, you see I have struck upon a unique way of looking at familiar things that enables people, teams and businesses to find creative solutions within tight constraints. Iv’e called it The IMAGINAIRIUM and people have had some fantastic insights and decided on fundamental changes both personally and within their businesses. Just a way to get the cogs to shift so you get the answers you need and that were in you all the time.

Now I haven’t done this alone, oh no,this has come about through an plethora of ideas from many business people and authors,  from Analytical Hypnosis to the Subliminal Brain, to Where Good Ideas Come From, to the Art of Deliberate Success and many more. The point is that finally at 61 I have the chance to build something from all my experiences, failures and successes that actually might have some substance.

So what’s the big deal

you say, 4 years to retirement (whatever that is) should be enough time to make a little nest egg…right? well not exactly  you see in order to build something you need to invest in it first and when starting a business just having a website and a product is not nearly enough, not by a long shot.

What you really need is passion and passion like testosterone appears to deplete as we age, I used to have it for everything when I was young, it seeped out of my pores. It drove me to do stupid and interesting things with equal intensity, just for the joy of doing it. Risk was my diet, and with no fear and an inflated ego what could go wrong.

And if “youth is wasted on the young” then so I am afraid is passion and ego. For as I have got older I have become more tolerant less critical (of both others and myself) and my appetite for risk has been tempered with experience, and as time is now more precious the balance is harder to weigh up.

Time has become the equaliser the thing that brings both doubt and focus and begs the question ” do you die trying or give the comfortable excuse of age”. This is a question that we all have to face and “age” here is not a number, it is SELF BELIEF and no matter who you are, we get to a point where it can seem like it is to much effort and as the rewards aren’t guaranteed……..well.

So my question to you is simple.

Have you got dreams that are unfulfilled, have you ideas that you know will work but you have never put them to practice, do you have a desire to free yourself from the endless grind and just do something that gives you joy.

Well I do and so the question now is if I go for it will it in turn swallow me up, will it in fact tie me down to the grind and treadmill that building a successful business requires, right at a time when I have so many other things I could do that I can pick up and put down at will.

Will it bring me the joy and the rewards I hope it will, will it actually succeed when all the rest have failed, and biggest of all will it make me happy while I do it.

So here’s my take

PASSION comes from believing in something and doing it just for the shear joy of doing it (the outcome is not necessarily fixed).

Ego comes from SELF BELIEF and it can be quite or it can be loud but it is buoyed by the responses from others that lets us know we are on the right path (listen hard when the response tells you something contrary to your belief) many people have squandered their savings because they didn’t listen to the market.

But if you TRULY believe in what you are doing then go for it, the only thing you can be dammed for is NOT TRYING.

So in my 61st year on this earth will I go for the new adventure……of course I will, because it is what keeps me young, that elixir of youth PASSION, and anyway there is no reason why I can’t have it all, the business and the music and the books, the only thing that stops you from having all you want is YOU….so take that step.


Inspiration thanks in part to

The Art of Deliberate success,

Sell your Thoughts

Where good Ideas come from,

Subliminal how your unconscious mind rules your behavior,

Lateral thinking

Analytical Hypnotherapy E A Barnett MD,



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I don't say things to be liked I say them because I mean them. Reputation doesn't come from being liked it comes from standing for something.

18 Responses to The IMAGINAIRIUM

  1. Haydn Virtue October 16, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

    Another great blog Nick and you are on the right track. I have recently read that brain plasticity is a very strong indicator of longevity and that it is maintained by constantly challenging it and learning new things. So get stuck in and keep on getting stuck in!

    • Nick October 18, 2014 at 11:57 am #

      Hi Haydn, dam you are always one ahead of me, reading a great book by Norman Doidge…The brain that changes ITSELF very interesting. we will talk more about this at lunch. Nick

  2. David Hyams October 16, 2014 at 9:13 pm #

    Hi Nick.

    Love the latest communication. Great thoughts well put togther. Timely as my wife turned 61 this week and its my turn in january. And I am asking myself the same questions!! Must be something in the air or the water- or something.

    • Nick October 18, 2014 at 11:53 am #

      Hi David, great to hear from you and indeed it is something, its being young in mind in an older body and not knowing what to do about it. Society would like us to just got old gracefully, personally I want to get old disgracefully.
      And the best way to do that is to challenge the norm (your norm that is) let me know if you and your wife want to catch up for a chat about it. Nick

  3. Paul October 17, 2014 at 5:27 am #

    Past a certain point no monumental endeavor has permanence. Ozymandias – yet we desire that it might. I suspect it is in the hearts of others, where we inspire them to live and to fight and grow and to nurture – that we can live past our necessarily small external etchings. It will not be the Imaginarium because of any wall or method, it will be the Imaginarium because of the inspiring commitment you bring to overcoming obstacles. This will live on.

    • Nick October 18, 2014 at 11:49 am #

      Hi Paul, so lovely to hear from you and I hope things are great for you and your family and I will send you an email. I am humbled by your comment but I am trying to get people to do this for themselves (challenges that is) and I have been having some great success with hypnosis with people.
      Looks like this is a growing interest in the western world as we are being put out to pasture long before our mental due date….time for a revolution in ageing.

      • Brenda October 20, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

        Love your thoughts Nick;an inspiration as usual. I reckon it keeps getting better and I have a few years on you Nick.Imaginarium, a wonderful metaphor.
        Good you are well and all the very best with your new buisness.

        • Nick October 20, 2014 at 2:15 pm #

          Hi Brenda thanks for the thoughts and we are both on this journey….will give you a call to catch up. Nick

  4. Colin October 20, 2014 at 12:35 pm #

    Good post Nick.
    And as others have commented, timely & an issue being considered by lots of us.
    I agree with the “use it or loose it” school. A friends father came up with a way of repairing wharf piers, at 64 as he just retired , & last I heard wasstill travelling the world, consulting at 77!
    We can burn out at 40, or 60…just do what seems right but always, always, new questions asked , new options weighed up & considered.

    • Nick October 20, 2014 at 2:17 pm #

      Hi Colin, so lovely to hear from you and your friends father is absolute proof that we are what we aim for. Are you free for a catch up sometime. Cheers

  5. Logan Labone October 20, 2014 at 2:54 pm #

    Hey Nick
    Awesome Blog.
    We have all been touched. Some more than others 🙂
    How could we forget! 

    • Nick October 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

      Hi Logan,

      Bloody brilliant to hear from you , glad you liked the blog and when are you free for a chat.
      doing some work with Shadow Fax at the moment ( well Scott really)

  6. Yordan October 22, 2014 at 10:17 am #

    Your Imaginarium is Our Imaginarium

    I like the idea of this post.
    I like the passion it is written with.

    Now I read the script again, and I have the feeling that some of the author’s inspiration and energy comes to my mind, and it helps me meditate over the same thoughts and dilemmas:

    ∞ about the ideas, about their creation, about their implementation;
    ∞ about the controversy between dreams and reality;
    ∞ about the differences between wishes and gifts of destiny;
    ∞ about the inner imaginarium controversy between imagination and feasibility;
    ∞ about the abstractions and divisions between artistry and triviality…

    A favourite quote of mine from Ulysses, by James Joyce:
    “When I makes tea I makes tea, as old mother Grogan said. And when I makes water I makes water”

    A possible way to interpret this is not from the point of view of substance and matter – i.e. tea or water.

    We can interpret this in a way that no matter what our final results will be – water, or tea – we have to give our best and do what we do with passion.

    Then water and tea will be really very strong drinks and we will enjoy tea as much as we will enjoy water.

    What is really important and what really matters is dedication and faith, indeed.

    If we feel like we have to do something – then we have to do it, no matter what we are told by the rest.

    This intuitive feeling is really the important signal that we should do it, no matter what. Because there is a logic in doing this as there is a hidden sense and logic in our existence. We exist, no matter whether we or the rest can explain ‘why so?’?

    And our mission cannot be hidden into the triviality of education, career and institutions like private sector business enterprises, government institutions, or like marriage institution, and etc.

    Because there is a conceptual difference between our career and our skills, between marriage and family, between education and knowledge, right?..

    Thank you for inspiration!


    • Nick November 6, 2014 at 12:31 pm #

      OK Yordan, water and tea aside our destiny is shaped by what we do today and whether it is following a dream or just doing something because it appears to be interesting / useful doesn’t matter as we have to have an action to have a reaction so just set your path and tack when the wind changes.
      Don’t over think things as the result is always the same. Cheers Nick

  7. Nichole Craig October 28, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

    Kia ora Nick
    You asked
    do you have a desire to free yourself from the endless grind and just do something that gives you joy? This question itself causes me to look at what this ‘endless grind” is. Is the grind the action itself or the mindset that beholds it? So many times I have sought activities that may provide moments of joy – but is there any activity that in and of itself is joyous?
    Food for thought 🙂

    • Nick November 6, 2014 at 12:27 pm #

      Hi Nichole,

      The grind is either of those and more….the grind is what takes our thinking that each day in itself is an entirety and adds them together to make a week, month, year and by doing so robs us of our life. Each and every day is precious and should be lived to its utmost fulfilment. Every action you do should have joy in it otherwise why do it? How we view things is what matters more than what they are and joy to us each is unique.
      So find things you love and make them part of your day…you are a long time dead. Cheers Nick

  8. Nick March 11, 2017 at 10:21 am #

    Hi Nick
    Finally had some time to check out some of your blogs. Loved this one and summed up some of my thinking/feelings as to why I have embarked on a new journey. Great to catch up with you last week.

    • Nick August 24, 2017 at 10:39 am #

      Hi Nick, thanks so much for your comment and I am pleased it resonated with you and let me know if you would like another coffee sometime. Cheeres Nick

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