This is not about staying young forever, they are two very different things and should NOT be confused. Stopping ageing requires no medication, no plastic surgery and no consultation with a specialist.

The problem is that we are constantly being sold a message of good health but at such a superficial level that unless you have more money than brains it is a pointless exercise, and if you do then point made.
Ageing is not about getting saggy skin or lines around the eyes or even loosing our mobility it is something that happens at a much deeper level, it’s about how we think.

This post is happening because G&M commented on my last post with  ”Let me know when you learn the answer to stopping the ‘change of aging” so guys here it is…..


Ageing can happen to us at any time of our lives and for a lot of people it happens before they have even had the opportunity to reach their potential. I have been constantly surprised throughout my life when catching up with past friends and acquaintance’s how they so often talked about the good old days and what we did when we were young.
And that was it, they were already identifying their past as the best part of their lives and now they were just on some treadmill till divorce, death or retirement ended it for them. Wow how sad is that, now I don’t mind admitting that my youthful past right up until I started growing up (around 40 years of age, maybe a little later) has been one of pure self indulgence. But even for me the thought that the best years of my life had gone was to dreadful to contemplate…


has always been my goal, what I have succeeded or failed at has never been my focus I have always looked for the next opportunity, the next exciting adventure. I have faced criticism all my life about starting so many things and finishing so few, my point has always been the few I have finished has been more than most people start and besides I am not dead yet so there still is time for the others.

Which got me thinking about why people age differently, and I believe that how we view the world is critical to that ageing process. Some people just naturally look forward while most just look back and remember. The western society we now find ourselves in is constantly looking for new sales, and sales come from identifiable markets. So we now find industries targeting young children and encouraging them to have feelings and thoughts beyond their natural growth so they can sell shit to them.

Clothing, Music, cosmetics, you name it, the  pressure for kids to grow up fast is relentless and this robs them of their natural rhythm of growth. By the time they are twenty they already feel old, by thirty they are loosing steam and by forty you are past it. Hang on a minute don’t you ….


you know before you believed people who told you your wild ideas weren’t possible, back at the time that everything was. Your energy was boundless challenges were overcome just by your imagination, if it got to hard you just had another thought. Well some people through luck or having the right supportive environment (or just bloody minded) never stopped thinking like that. For these people life is an adventure, you have all met them they are the ones with a twinkle in their eyes, who talk fast with excited animated gestures who always have some grandiose plan that may or may not ever get done.

All to often these people are ridiculed as flaky or worse UNREALISTIC, but guess what, these people aren’t aging. And why not? because….


that’s right, ageing robs us of energy and the energy it feeds on is negative energy. Negativity is the aging energy. How many of you know people who just seem to sap the life out of everyone they meet. After time with them you actually feel drained, and guess what you are. And then you come across someone who exudes positive energy and you feel inspired, motivated, maybe even excited. And right at that point you stop aging, just while their spark energises you, then you go home and return to your normal behaviour.

Motivational speakers are people who share the secret of slowing aging, but they tend to sell it as something else…


and with that hope comes the energy that can transform how we feel, enable us to look at life through different eyes even enable us to change our behavior, but best of all it stops us from aging. Once we get totally committed to doing something time stands still, just remember the times that you were so engrossed in doing something that  when you stopped to look up you went “where did the time go”?…..


ageing had stopped, we had replaced it with positive energy. So lets extrapolate that out into our actual daily lives, how would that work?

“I feel drained already” I can hear the words now as the thought of the energy needed to always being totally engrossed and always positive frightens you. And that is the point that holds so many of us back from actually doing things. “The thought of it” so in order to overcome this, we need to set some clear achievable goals….


That always works for me, find something that has always interested you that you have never found the time to do.

The problem with a lot of people is that their only interest is work, which is why there is a spike in the death rate of people who retire. They have nothing left to live for, they feel useless and unneeded. If you don’t have something you always wanted to do (you know like taking up painting or pottery or building a rocket) you had better get one because the only thing that is going to stop you ageing is rewarding yourself.

The most selfish thing you can do is to help other people or animals because helping is hard wired into our brain and we get tremendous satisfaction from it ( positive energy) giving out positive energy gets back positive energy and before you know it…….


Smiling is a fantastic antidote to ageing and can come as much from somebody telling you something funny as something that happens when you look at something you have achieved. And smiling is infectious which is also a great thing as … you’ve guessed it, it is positive energy.


pick a time in your week that you can actually set aside from interruptions, no phone no pool no pets, just time for you. If you can’t do this then Houston we have a problem, because if you can’t find time for yourself WHO are you living for.

Finding time for yourself is a cornerstone in the anti ageing process, its not about being selfish its about realising that we all need to invest time in ourselves, to top up the constant drain of our time and energy we spend on our jobs, family, friends, community, the list is endless.


and put it into your diary for every week of the next year. This is not like going to the gym, this is a reward to yourself. Forget any guilt about not doing some chore that still needs to be done, there will always be chores. This is step one, the next step (oddly called step two) gets a bit harder….


There will always be reasons in life not to do things, priorities change, unexpected events happen, new opportunities arise, work is pressuring you, whatever the reason you need to acknowledge YOUR TIME, it may change week to week but you must never not do it every week or you are on the slippery slope.

It’s like writing a blog, I really enjoy it when I am doing it but I have to fit it in with my ever changing schedule. So how I do it is set a goal for the month, Two Blogs and if I manage to write one in the first day of the month then I am ahead of schedule but what usually happens is that I cram up against the end of the month to finish the last one, like this one.

The point is that I make sure I achieve my goal and at the end of the month I can rest on my laurels and feel good. But some things we are interested in have no end, like taking up a craft. the satisfaction we get is by increasing in confidence through practice and the better we get the more we love it, and the more we love it the more we make time to do it, until…


and at that point you are on the road to stop aging. And if you say to yourself, “well Nick that’s fine for you but my life is way to busy for that” then you are right. But just remember the opposite to….

WHERE DID TIME GO?, is where did my life go?

This is your life people make a choice it’s never to late.


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  1. Chris April 22, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    A good example of where aging doesn’t seem to apply is New York. A lot of my friends there in their 40s and 50s have incredibly active, enriched lives. The approach of filling the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run should apply to people in any city really. Though as per that example, it helps to surround yourself with lots of others constantly hitting their straps as they pack things into life.

    Also, re your last post, I think phase changes in life are super healthy so all the best with yours. Cheers :-]

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