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I don't say things to be liked I say them because I mean them. Reputation doesn't come from being liked it comes from standing for something.
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Is your service an Oxymoron

MOST PROBABLY YES it is and this is not surprising given that most companies require profit to survive. Now I realise that you probably feel that you indeed offer superior service and maybe you do but service is not about profit it is about….that’s right service. It is an experience that your customer receives not more »

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The Presidents Sister

THE MARK Her name was Natalia Veselnitskya and to say she was beautiful is like calling the Mona Lisa “folk art”, she was beyond beautiful and I fell, instantly in love. That said I have been known for my compulsive behaviour and occasionally it has taken me to undesirable places but nothing, I mean nothing more »

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Fast talking Slow thinking

MY WHOLE LIFE I have been a fast talker, from the moment sentences formed in my mind I spat them out like machinegun fire, why, why ,what if, why not, the list was endless. It was this ADHD approach that made my mother fear educating me, as because she was giving me the information I expected more »

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DEPRESSION Depression is a cloven beast it robs us of our choice it steals away our dignity and silences our voice   Depression is the blackened hole that sucks us to our knees it whispers thoughts, seductive taunts, and kills us by degrees   Depression is a prison cell without the need for bars in more »

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MY NAME IS not important, but what I am about to tell you should be a warning that technology and Robots and AI might be frightening but there is another thing that has just started to emerge on the dark net, that is the transfer of time for rewards, in this case cryptocurrencies. So what more »

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Duck foretells the future (a modern fable)

I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE YOU BACK IN TIME long before mankind destroyed the planet, back to a time when all the spirits of the Planet were working out who would be responsible for what part of the Planet’s upkeep. For you see early on in the mists of time we all were equal, not more »

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All we need is LOVE

AS USUAL I was motivated to this post by someone else, in this case my mate Mike Lowery wanting to talk about the importance of diversity in friendships. As usual my first reaction was a question, what is the definition of Love as if it is “all we need” then there should be a simple more »

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A boy named Sue

A HEART DARKER THAN THE ECLIPSE His name was Sue Davidson and as he sat in his broken chair surrounded by the filth of fifteen years of hoarding and takeaways he cried to himself quietly. Not the tears of joy or even sorrow, no an emotion far deeper, one that tore at his blackened soul, more »

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4 lessons from”The New Reich”

For those who have hidden behind the “let’s wait and see” curtain the results must have come as a shock, three weeks in to a four year term and the Emperor has got clothes, they were just hidden under his ill fitting suit. And now like the super hero he is, he has ripped them more »

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Chinese Sex Robots to Marry

To tell you the truth when I first read about this in Gizmag and watched the video I thought it was a joke, you know “fake news” but because of my never ending nosiness and lack of a real job I decided to stick my nose in where it wasn’t welcome and very nearly died more »

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