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4 lessons from”The New Reich”

For those who have hidden behind the “let’s wait and see” curtain the results must have come as a shock, three weeks in to a four year term and the Emperor has got clothes, they were just hidden under his ill fitting suit. And now like the super hero he is, he has ripped them more »

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Chinese Sex Robots to Marry

To tell you the truth when I first read about this in Gizmag and watched the video I thought it was a joke, you know “fake news” but because of my never ending nosiness and lack of a real job I decided to stick my nose in where it wasn’t welcome and very nearly died more »

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Reputation is not your Brand

Just lately I have been talking with people about the difference between Reputation, Brand and PR and how confusions arise about them when we start to articulate our story. So lets start at the best place…the beginning. When you start out in business you often are trying to solve a problem, often your own. This more »

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